Alex DeGroot is an audio engineer and producer based in the Los Angeles area. Working in digital and analog media he seeks to help creative artists realize their musical visions by creating unique recorded works.


E-mail: alex [at]
Phone: +1.608.772.3639


Roses | Camera Trouble | Group Tightener | Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Dunes | Bitter Charm | Negative Space | Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Zola Jesus | "Hunger" (Radio Edit) | Mute | Mixing

Roses | Dreamlover | Group Tightener | Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Delphic Oracle | Watching the Fern | Self Released
Remix on "Death Dreams (Alex DeGroot Remix)"

Kim Free | Nevermind the Blue Skies | LA's FINE | Mixing

Dracula Lewis | Permafrost | Souterrain Transmissions | Mixing

Violetness | Last Night In My Dreams, I Was Talking To You | LebensStrasse

Boy Friend | Egyptian Wrinkle (Rough Trade Ltd Ed) | Hell Yes!
Remix on "The Lair (Alex DeGroot Remix)"

Zola Jesus | Valusia | Sacred Bones | Co-Producer/Tracking/Mixing

Zola Jesus | Stridulum | Sacred Bones | Tracking/Mixing

Additional credits available here


Zola Jesus | "Hunger" (Radio Edit)

Roses | "Julian March"

Violetness | "Into The Water"

Boy Friend | "The Lair (Alex DeGroot Remix)"